Kumite Clinic Report with Genaro Liriano Yondan IOGKF/Godan Shintaiki-Ji, CI Naha Dojo TO ON, 12 Apr 2014


Great afternoon of Ippon/Sanbon Kumite with Genaro Liriano, CI Naha Dojo!! I would like to thank Liriano Sensei for the awesome workshop! This is preparation for the 01 June Jiyu-Shin Karate School! Thank you to Robert O’Brien, Morgan Carl, Hayden, Breanna, Rachel, Julia, Enzo, Christian and Dean Giroux for coming!!!

Genaro Sensei did a great class on competition sparring!! Remember Timing, Speed, and the attitude to win!!

Everyone I know is looking fwd to the next!!

Thank you to the parents for your support, Melody Wilson-O’Brien, Anne Pawchuk, Melissa Lloyd, Matt Stimpson, and Scott Carl.

Finally I would like to thank Shawn Fisk, CI Hookup Muay Thai Peterborough for the use of his space!

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