Parents should recognize that they have an important role in the success of their children as members of this Juku(School).

We encourage all parents to teach their child that honest effort is as important as success. Turn disappointment into success by helping your child to work towards skill improvement and to show sportsmanship/respect to all. Remember as they progress the greater chance they could fail a grading. The Juku tries to prevent this first by only inviting children to Gradings. They are selected by the instructor as they have fulfilled all the requirements – time, technical and attitude/ behaviour. Second, encouraging training outside class on their own; with their parents; and with their Juku mates especially after purple belt. Finally, Parent involvement which includes watching them in class; helping them practice at home; and encouraging and supporting outside of class opportunities such as training with other Juku Mates; Tournaments(Shiai); and workshops.

Listen to the instructor’s lessons and announcements; reinforce their positive behaviour at home. Parents are part of our school’s team and help their children to improve by working with the instructors and staying informed. Please ask your child about announcements at the end of class or check the Juku website. Basic grading info is on the Juku Website (

Students are all individuals and will progress at their own rate. Never compare a child to their sibling or another student. Encourage and support each child’s progress. Help them to set and achieve their goals. If your child has a learning disability or a pre-existing condition such as ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you will have to provide more support. Please remember all the helpers are volunteers; the Instructor and volunteers are willing to provide accommodation but are not trained or are certified specialists in childhood education dealing with special needs. Please come out and watch class as well as spend time with your child who needs the extra support. Come and ask the instructor about where your child could use help. .

Please understand the ranking system. Keep track of your child’s classes. However, understand that classes are not enough to grade, they must have the technical requirements and with every grade showing steady improvement of technique. They must also show the right attitude and behaviour appropriate for the rank to be achieved. Help your child to recognize good performance, not just results. Please review the website for grading info, etiquette, and uniforms

Parents are responsible for their children at all times when at the facility. If you drop off your child for class, pick them up at the end of their class as soon as possible. We cannot watch your child/children after class. This is for Tuesday and Thursday Class; if you are detained, please contact YMCA Front Desk and make arrangements with the YMCA. Wednesday and Friday, please contact me directly.

Children in uniforms are not allowed in the gym after class and if staying please have with them a change of clothing. At a minimum, they can leave the karate pants on with a t-shirt but are required to wear appropriate foot wear in the Gym. Please read All about the Dogi (Uniform) on the this Website.

The Hallway at the YMCA and lounge at PMSC are not  play areas, please discourage it. Remember if they potentially hurt others as legal guardians, you could potentially bare a legal responsibility.

When you see the curtain to divide the class go down, I also highly encourage you to come and watch training and your child if they are on the other side of the gym/Dojo. I have an open door policy as required by NCCP. Digital recordings are allowed with permission and certain guidelines.

Ensure your child’s hygiene and nutritional needs are met.  It is recommended, they bring water and a snack to class. If possible, make sure they  have something light to eat before class. Encourage them to go to the bathroom before the start of class time as well. Children who have cold or flu symptoms or are out right sick should not be brought to class.

Parents of children getting close to Shodan/Shodan-Ho: there are higher expectations placed on 3rd Kyu (Purple) and above students. In order for them to grade they will need to be more regular in their attendance; show-up for special events; practice more  outside of class with partners and without; and study the information on this website. Please encourage them. If their efforts are minimal, they should not expect to be rewarded with a Dan Shinsa.

Finally, my hope is to encourage your children to turn/develop this into a healthy lifestyle. Your role modelling and your shown interest in your child’s participation in this Karate School will hopefully encourage that.  Remember to tell them, that you loved the way they practiced today!

*This is a working Document, I will be editing it as time goes on

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