Parents have an important role in the success of their children as members of the Juku (school).

We encourage all parents to teach that honest effort is as important as success. Turn disappointment into success by helping your child work towards improved skill and good sportsmanship above all. Remember, as they progress, gradings become more difficult and it is possible they may fail.

The Juku tries to prevent this in a number of ways.

First, gradings will be invite only. Students will be invited to grade by the head instructor when they have met all the requirements for their next rank – including time, skill, and positive behaviour. Second, we encourage regular training outside of class. Students can practice on their own, with their parents, with Juku-mates, etc. This will become more important the further they advance in rank.

Parents play an important part as well: watching their child in class, helping them train at home, supporting outside-class opportunities for technical development (e.g., workshops, competitions). Parents are part of our school’s team and help their children to improve by working with the instructors and staying informed. Please ask your child about announcements at the end of class or check the Juku website/social media.

Students are all individuals and will progress at their own rate. They should never be compared to a sibling or another student. Encourage and support each child’s progress! Help them to set and achieve their goals! If your child has particular needs, a learning disability or pre-existing condition, we rely on your additional support. Please remember all the helpers in the dojo are volunteers; our instructors and assistants are willing to provide accommodation, but we are not trained or certified specialists in childhood education or disability support.

We ask parents to learn the dojo rank system and understand its requirements. Please work with your child to keep track of classes they have attended, but understand that attendance is not enough to grade. They must demonstrate sufficient skill, and show steady improvement with each grade. They must also show the right attitude and appropriate behaviour.

Please note: parents are responsible for their children at all times when at the facility. If you drop off your child for class, we ask you pick them up as soon as possible, following the end of class. We cannot watch your child/children after class ends. Also note: the hallway, lobby and lounge areas at any training locations are not meant for play. Please discourage your child/children from doing so, as you may be liable if they lead to injury of others.

When physical dividers are present in the space at any of our locations, parents are encouraged to sit and watch where they can see. Photos and recordings are permitted with consent of the instructor and within certain guidelines.

Please ensure your child’s hygiene and nutritional needs are met. It is recommended they bring water and a snack to class. If possible, make sure they have something light to eat, and gone to the bathroom beforehand.

Note: If your child is sick or unwell (cold/flu symptoms, for example), they should not be brought to class. Students who are sick will not be allowed to train, and may be turned away from the dojo.

Finally, we hope all students will adopt training/martial arts as a healthy lifestyle. Your role modelling and interest in your child’s training will encourage that!

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