Haru Geiko, 05 April 2014 with Kim Taylor, CI Sei Do Kai Guelph, Nanadan Renshi


I do apologize to the tardiness of this thank you to all who supported this years Annual Haru Gasshuku!!

I would like to thank Kim Taylor who taught Omori Ryu in the morning for three hours in great detail using Riai and Jujutsu to explain the why’s of the beginners Set of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (MJER). Then in the afternoon, he did the first set of Niten Ichi Ryu (NIR) for another 3 hours, again with Riai and Jujutsu to explain the why’s at the basic level of understanding for NIR. With the help of Pamela Morgan his student, Kim Taylor went into as much detail as could be taught in six hours! It was an awesome experience!

Thank you Pam for the great job of assisting Kim with the explanations and clarifying points!

I would like to thank all those who travelled to this event and made it such a great success!! – Scotty, Ian, Richard, Hung, and Maya.

I would like to thank Jim Wilson and the students of the Kenshokan – Ian, Timothy, Anthony, Will, and Austen – for coming out and supporting this event!!

Finally, I would like to thank my two students for coming to the event and helping with the logistics of the event – Doug Lytle and Brennan McDowell.

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