Chambly’s Yuujou Gasshuku Report, 14 – 16 March 2014 By Stephane Blain 07 Aril 2014


Friday afternoon, the week-end began with the arrival at the train station of Genaro Sensei and Chinadi Sensei. Friday night was the occasion for the yudansha to socialize and share memories.

The training on saturday morning began with the kid session with Genaro Sensei. The kids worked hard and learned the message from Genaro Sensei: “Intention”. Then, it was a session of “Kansetsu Waza” given by Chinadi Sensei. It was really great to work with our friends from different styles. The work ethic, the desire to learn and the mutual respect was incredible.

After lunch, Dupont Sensei gave an excellent session on kumite. The session began with lot of tanren to finish with kumite technics. We learned a lot working with those fighters!

To finish off the day, Genaro Sensei gave a session on Go Ju Ryu kumite and Saifa bunkai.  It was inspiring to see these techniques performed by Genaro Sensei.

On the sunday morning, the brown and black belts were invited to a private session with Genaro Sensei and Chinadi Sensei. They went in great detail (moves, timing, breathing, chi work) through Seiyunchin. It was an honor to receive Genaro Sensei’s vision of the kata and to benefit from Chinadi Sensei’s insight. The session ended with the review of Sepai kata.

Time for a last lunch then Genaro Sensei and Chinadi Sensei had to leave to take the train back home.

Thanks to all the sensei and all the participants! It was a great gasshuku!


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