2 March 2022 – Start of In-person Adult Classes


This week is the start of In-person Classes

Location St James United Church 221 Romaine Street

The entrance is from the parking lot on Romaine Street.

Time: Show up on time at 6:30 to 6:40pm Please do not be late!!! Class starts at 6:45pm on time 🙂 The doors are locked at all times and myself or someone from the Dojo will let you in! Please do not knock on the door or ring the doorbell!!! You can Text me but this should only be for emergencies!! Please do not panic if no one comes to the door – Zoom Classes will still be running thru the week.

Boots/Outwear should be taken off especially if wet or dirty. Common Sense Please!!

Please remember to bring: Masks, Water, Indoor training footwear, Yoga Mat, Hand Sanitizer and a gym bag to keep it organized!!

There are washrooms to change in but wearing Karategi bottoms to Class might make it easier.

In regards to COVID: Masks will be worn for now, please read the Public Health Sheet and be ready to answer yes or no for contact tracing. Please remember any symptoms of sickness stay home. If you are an regular allergy sufferer contact me and we can have that discussion. Vaccinations have been checked for everyone.

First class will be to organize and orient everyone to the new.

One more point – No spectators for now unless no 18+ Adults show-up and I may ask a parent to stay!

I hope everyone is looking forward to this Wednesday. I know I am!!

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