25 Feb 2022 – Upcoming In-Person Youth Classes


I know everyone is looking forward to In-Person classes on Mondays and Wednesdays!!!

Please spread the word!! The Juku needs new Students!!

In regards to these classes at St James United is on 221 Romaine Street. Please take sometime this weekend and checkout the church’s location by seeing where it is!!! (google or in-person)

The Church’s parking lot is where the entrance is!! For the youth’s class, I or one of the Adult students will be waiting to let Parents and their children in. Once class starts no one will be waiting at the Door to let people in. It would be unfair to expect this. Doors will be open at 5:15pm and class starts at 5:30pm. Doors (which have crash bars) will be locked (Required by the Church – Security of the Building)

There are washrooms but recommended for the children is to come dress (Please no street clothes under the Uniform) Recommended is a warm-up suit or regular clothing over top.

For now, the maximum for the space is 24 persons = 10 Children (students) and 10 Parents. There will be 1 Instructor (for sure) and 1 – 3 assistants as well. The church only allows 25 pers Max capacity for the room otherwise an extra cost will be added if we go over capacity limits. I am not sure how big everyone’s family is, please understand students of the Juku take priority in the space.

I hope everyone will be conscientious about house keeping. Children will need to bring to wear, indoor running shoes. Parents, please bring an extra pair of indoor shoes to wear as well. Please do not wear them from outside!! Just a note I have been trying to find a space for a while. At this point, I have found this place, not the best due to the concrete floor please make sure your children have indoor runners for class. 🙂 We need to keep the church as clean as possible! So if possible, during the winter and spring weather, boot removal, if possible.

COVID is still effecting how classes are run. Please make sure masks are worn to and from the church. Sanitize as well. I will be working on getting a sanitizing Station for the door way. Contact tracing will still be used for Covid as well as attendance. I will be sending out a page that will help with this! One more point, if your children show any symptoms of sickness please do not bring them to class. And let me know, please!

The next couple of weeks starting the 2nd March will require patience from everyone as we navigate returning to a class routine in the new location. Thank you!!

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