Terminology Pt 1 – Related to the hand – Mike Chinadi, Kancho Seito Bugei Juku 28 Dec 2019

                     Te                                                                      Hand  

                    Te                                                                         hand

片手                  katate                                                    hand (one hand, each hand)

? ,         Haishu, tenoko                                          hand, back of

              Te no kubo                                                 hand, hollow of

?                          Koko, toho                           hand, area between thumb and first finger

手首                    tekubi                                                              wrist    

手のひら             te no hira                                                        palm    

掌底                     shotei                                                              palm heel    

手の指                 te no yubi                                                       “finger, fingers”    

                        tsume                                                              nail    

拳頭                     kento                                                               knuckle  

                     yubi fushi                                                     knuckle

指先                       yubisaki                                                         fingertip    

人差し指                hitosashi yubi                                              index finger    

中指                        naka yubi                                                       middle finger    

親指                         oya yubi                                                          thumb    

小指                          ko yubi                                                           pinky    

薬指                           kusuri yubi                                                   ring finger    

拳頭 ()                Dai ken to                    Striking surface of fist (Large knuckles)

Any errors are on my part!! Please contact me with correction and reference for correction!!

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