Shinsa Report 14 Dec 2019 – Mike Chinadi, Kancho Seito Bugei Juku

Successful day for Children of the Seito Bugei Juku

Shinsa no kodomo

10th Kyu

5 Children – passed

9th Kyu

5 Children – Passed

8th Kyu

3 Children – Passed

7th Kyu

1 Children – Passed

Big thank you to the Grading Board- Morgan Carl, Kristi Zeitoun, Breanna Pawchuk, and Julian Pawchuk for all your hard work!!!

A big thank you to the parents for your patience and support of your children and the Juku!!!

An awesome day!!! Gambatte!!! Ichi-go Ichi-e!!!

7 Jan 2019 First Class at PMSC


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