Sensei Rant!! – Opportunities! by Mike Chinadi CI

It’s been a great month for training! The Dojo has see a number of outside Shidoin (instructor) come in and teach special in-class workshops. John MacCallum, CI Jiyu-Shin Karate School, Trevor McLaughlin, Shawn Fisk, CI Hook Up Muay Thai Peterborough, and Scott Steedman all have shared their time and knowledge.
It is important students realize the opportunities they are given. The knowledge, they shared is not special anymore as you can go on You tube or see it on Facebook with allot of other info that claims to be true about Karate. However, Shidion like John MacCallum and Shawn Fisk come from legitimate linages that are trying to develop and preserve real Martial Arts. They have for you; filtered out the BS; and given you a chance to learn the real deal!
Now the point! When the Juku brings in an instructor there must be a special lesson going to be taught, take notes and if given permission pictures/video! Please recognize the value and importance! In our community many clubs do not offer this kind of training, you should consider yourself lucky to have these opportunities!!

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