Haru Geiko 15th April 2023

At Jim-Wilson Kenshokan suggestion, we still went over to Ashburnham Ale House Last night in spite of having to cancel Haru Geiko! It was an awesome evening! It was a chance for two great teachers and Martial Arts practitioners to meet, Ohmi Sensei and 日野智義 Sensei!!

They spoke about their birthplace, Japan and Family. How they came to Canada and their work lives!. They of course discussed MA, particularly, Sen!!! 🙂

I would like to thank Ohmi Sensei and Hino Sensei for your time and coming to this event!! I would like to thank Jim for his support for this weekend and suggesting the Beer!! 🙂

Thank you Robert Sturgeon for supporting, helping and driving me around! 🙂

I also have to thank Kim Taylor and Pamela Morgan for their understanding and support!!

To next year’s Haru Geiko!! Lessons learned and a better cunning plan!! 🤣

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