Notes from Iai Keiko – Kim Taylor, 18 July 1987

Toronto iai practice July 18, 1987

Ohmi, Judy, Steve, Kim

Seitei #3 Uke Nagashi – no pause with the deflection and cut. Work on: Cut is too wide, make it more vertical. At the end the edge is at (diagram, 65 degrees it measures at). The tip is one fist to the left of tanden, (not off the left hip) and finish level.

General: Shomen cut, like someone is holding the tip at the top, the left hand 70%, the right 30%. Spring up and over in an arc. The arms pivot on the shoulders, don’t straighten them. Put power in the tip.

Noto. Draw out to the tip over the mouth, quickly, then sheath it slowly.

When turning kaiten, [180 degrees] don’t let the tip drop which means a relaxed left hand, which reinforces the slide forward and whip motion (NFG).

#4 Tsuka Ate: (Omori and) chuden, the right foot is almost flat. Okuden, the foot comes further off the floor. The thrust back goes to the solar plexus ie the tip is up, not down. When turning back make sure the leg and foot line up, there is a slight forward shift on the main forward cut.

#5 Kesa Giri Note to self, don’t lean forward and the second cut is easier. Cuts more vertical than I’ve been doing, (diagrams) 65 degrees not 45. Hasso is zanshin, go up to hasso slowly

#6 Morote Zuki. First cut to throat level only, move forward to the sword then thrust to the solar plexus.Leave the sword in place (tip) pull and turn to cut to the rearTurn and cut to the front, don’t let the tip dip.The draw is up near the left ear, hand lower at the end of the cut

.#7 Sanpo giri Five steps, left foot to right on number four (diagram of feet at 90 degrees, big toes almost touching

#8 First strike is between the eyes. Draw and hold the blade by the hip, not lowerThurst, draw back out to waki gamae then tip level (don’t drop it) then up to jodan for the cut

#9 and 10 10, don’t forget waki gamae for the last cut.

==========notes 5

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