Oneigaishimasu!! Mike Chinadi, Kancho Seito Bugei Juku

2021 has started off as an interesting year! With the Covid 19 Lock down, the Juku has been continued online. The Juku has continued to grow with a few bumps since March 2020.

PMSC has been forced to close and so we have lost our Dojo space! I would like to thank Michelle and Scott for their welcoming spirit and the great support they gave us over the past two years!! I would also like to wish them the best and a return to teaching in a space of their own!!!

This weekend with Ryan, Ellyn, Rob and Brett another chapter of the Juku has closed!! The Juku gear and chattel was removed from PMSC and put into storage for the upcoming year. A big thank you to Ryan, Ellyn, Rob and Brett for making the move happen!!!

To Andy Dobie and Paul Fox from my students and myself, it was a great two years and we accomplished allot in the promotion of traditional Martial arts. Thank you for your support and for being there!!!

Now for the upcoming year, the transition to online has been a success. Training has continued; growth has continued; and individuals have seen their goals met!!! Progress!!! The upcoming year I believe will be blended instruction, Zoom and in person training, depending on Public Health!!

Looking to the short term training, my students and myself will continue to find ways to improve the Online experience for everyone! My hope also is to remove objections both from students and potential new students have to training online for the year 2021.

Lastly the mission of the Juku is to move forward and reopen.

I would like to thank my friends, students, parents, and supporters of the Juku for all the support for the last two years at PMSC! I know with the help of the Juku Family reopening will not be long away!!!

Last word – Patience!! – Ichi-go Ichi-e!!!

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