Fall Boot Camp 2019 – Mike Chinadi, CI Seito Bugei Juku Peterborough ON

Well another successful Camp has come to a close!!! Excellent training this year!!! Principle based as there was varied number of MA.

On Saturday morning, Paul Fox and Brian Collins led off with Aiki principle of avoidance and redirect. After which followed Meditation and Awareness Keiko!! In the afternoon started off with mediation and environmental awareness. We closed the day with Taira Sensei Renzokou – particularly Opening and Closing Renshu! Using it as another platform to develop technical aspects of the individual participants Martial Arts!!

It was a great weekend with a good turnout, great Keiko, good friends and good food and drink!! 🙂

Big Thank you to the Organizers, Chokushin Aiki Jujutsu Dojo!!! Thank you Paul Fox, Sensei and Brian Collins, Sensei for the awesome weekend!! Thank you Paul for your insights and running of the Camp! Thank you Brian for use of the Family Cabin and property!!  Big Thank you Brian for all the excellent Meals!!!!

Thank Jon, Gail, and Cathy for your friendship and training together!! really appreciated, Jon, your musical talent and questions during my session and the following day!!!

Finally I would like to thank my students Morgan and Kristi for coming out to this weekend!! Just one more thank you to Morgan for acting as my Uke to help Embu and clarify points about the Taira Sensei Renzokou!!

Great Boot Camp!!! Looking forward to Boot Camp 2020!!!


This Photo is from 2012 Fall Boot Camp – Too Busy to take any Photos this weekend!!! Again awesome Camp!! 🙂


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