Yesterday was an awesome day- 3rd August 2019!! – Mike Chinadi, CI Seito Bugei Juku

Starting at 10:00am to 12:00pm, a combined Keiko with two Iaidoka and one Jodoka. The Iaidoka covered Zen Ken Ren Kata Ippon Mae, Nihon Mae and Gohon Mae. And in the last half hour, Ippon Mae De-ai from Tachi Uchi no Kurai.

The Jodoka covered the first four Kihon and then with me Kata one through four from Seitei Jo curriculum.

After 12;00pm, six Karateka came to Hojo Undo Keiko. They had an opportunity to try out the new steppers, Blue KB, Bob XL, and skipping ropes!!! Excellent!

After Keiko, the Class did, “Souji (掃除), cleaning! The Juku Mats were cleaned and the area was vacuumed!!! Things put away!!

Great to back in a Dojo!!!

Big thank you to all for making this Saturday awesome. Special thank you to Morgan Carl and Forest Farm for looking after Souji!


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