It is not suppose to be about money! – Mike Chinadi CI, 23 Mar 2019

Went and taught class today. One of my students was looking for sparring gear this past week. Did the usual gave him a sheet with the club’s prices.  He is a teenager and his parents are buying it for him, before I go on. He tells me they went to an online source because it was cheaper!! Dahh what do you say, I won’t be able to buy groceries for myself, the dojo might closes, your dojo mates might lose their place!!  No you bite your lip!! People wake up that cheap t-shit can cost you!! Support your school!!

Sparring gear and uniforms will last longer then the money you think you saved!! GRRRR! Just a rant!

Mike Chinadi

CI Seito Bugei Juku

705 868 5754

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