Christmas Money – Kim Taylor, Renshi, CI Sei Do Kai Guelph ON, Nanadan Iaido and Roukudan Jodo

I hope everyone got lots of loot and cards with money in. May I be so bold as to suggest a place for that cash burning a hole in your pocket, before you get out there to scrape your car windows to hit the mall and buy another pair of boots you don’t need. We sure don’t need more in our house, you can’t move for scattered shoes and wet floor. Hmm, it strikes me that the seminar IS just about the price of a pair of fancy-ish Mall Boots. I actually checked that out because I was feeling bad about hiking the fees.

The 28th Annual Spring CKF International Jodo and Iaido Seminar and Grading will be held next spring, from May 18 to 21. There will be two classes on Friday (seniors (4d up) in jodo and iaido (5d up), Chudan (Jodo koryu) and Tsumi Ai no Kurai (Iaido koryu) for non-seniors). If you don’t know what those are, now is your chance to learn. Details are on the registration page.
will get you to links that will get you to links. The new “more better” hiding of urls by every danged app out there won’t let me see what I need to see to give you direct links.

The seminar itself is three days, Saturday to Monday and will offer Zen Ken Ren and koryu classes. Fees have gone up a bit, but the main thing to note is that there will be pretty steep increases in those fees as you get closer to the seminar. The pre-pre registration period is from now until the end of February. The pre-registration period is March 1 to the end of April and the registration period is May 1 to the seminar.

Please note well that as a move to get some extra people into the arts, we are offering a special $80 per day fee for those who have never tried the arts before. Over the years we have had several people who have joined the seminar with no experience at all, and have had no more trouble following along than they would have if they joined a regular class. This offer is for the Saturday to Monday portion, Friday evening classes are separate (and cheaper).

By the way, you don’t need to be a martial arts beginner for this offer, in fact I’d love to see a dozen martial arts instructors at the seminar to check out the possibility of adding jodo or iaido to their own curriculum.

For those who worry that their beginners can’t take advantage of the “first time” fee, there is the Haruna Bursary. For instructors who miss the 6 for 5 offer (gone), email me. will be offering beater sets of weapons for new (starting up in 2018) dojo. Email me.

The dinner and auction will be held on Saturday evening, but in the interests of not spending money on ten or twelve extra dinners that get thrown out, please indicate on the registration form whether you want a dinner or will be avoiding the rubber chicken and feeding yourself before the auction. I would remind everyone that the auction has taken us to the break-even point for many of the last several years.

There will be a jodo grading up to at least 6dan on the Sunday evening. All are welcome to watch, and there will be iaido free practice at the same time. (The iaido sensei will be sitting the jodo panel). Jodo grading registration will be through the CKF website as per usual, we should be able to open it up in plenty of time.

For those who were there last year, we have the same wonderful instructors from France and England, and we will have two Japanese instructors who have yet to be named by the FIK. Chris Mansfield sensei and Chris Buxton sensei will be teaching the iaido section, assisted by our own Carole Galligan and Dave Green. Daniel Chabaud sensei and Corinne Marie dit Moisson sensei will be teaching the jodo section along with the Japanese sensei.

Let’s make this year the beginning of a building phase, I’d like to double the number of jodo dojo in the next five year plan. Do we have a five year plan?

Click on over to the website and note that you can spend that christmas money right now through Paypal or, better for us, Interac. No putting on boots and coats and shoveling driveways!

I look forward to the avalanche of registrations today.

Kim Taylor
Dec 26, 2017


Instruction and equipment for the Japanese sword arts such as iaido, kendo, kenjutsu and jodo. Featuring journals, videos, manuals, wooden martial arts weapons, and uniforms.

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