Japanese Sayings

By Tom (Tomoyoshi) Hino, Godan, Dojoshu, Trent University Judo Club

Japanese sayings:飲水思源(insuishigen).Insui is to drink water;shigen is to think about the source. This wise saying of 4 letter kanji characters come from China originally. It means when drinking water, never forget where it comes from;how it was made possible to drink. When the Japanese say Itadakimasu before they eat, they are thinking of where the foods come from and thanking all who made this food on the table possible. That’s the true meaning of Itadakimasuいただきます。 To sum it up, it means to never forget 恩On(gratitude)in our daily life. Let me thank, to finish, the Chinese people for their wisdom of thousand of years.

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