Shinsa Results – 18 and 25 June 2016

18 June- 13 + – All Passed

2 X Yon Kyu (Purple)

1 X Rok Kyu (Light Blue)

25 June – 7- 12 yrs

1 X Ni Kyu (Brown)

1 X San Kyu (Red)

2 X Yon Kyu (Purple)

2 X Nana Kyu (Green)

6 X Hachi Kyu ( Orange)

2 X Ku Kyu (Yellow with Black Stripe)

6 X Ju Kyu (Yellow)

Big Thank you to Trevor McLaughlin for heading the Grading panel; and to Morgan Carl and Hayden Henderson for supporting the grading!!

Congratulations to all for their hard work in passing!!

A big thank you to the parents supporting their children’s efforts and to the YMCA for use of the Main Studio!!

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