Jason Bilodeau Kenkyukai Report By Morgan Carl,NiKyu – 11 June 2016

13391573_10157028114855182_467619567428516463_oTwo great workshops on Saturday with Jason Bilodeau Sensei! The first was a BJJ seminar at The Ludus, full of new information and introductions to new techniques. I enjoyed the opportunity to improve my groundwork! Sensei Bilodeau covered useful mobility tactics; the technical stand-up, movement on the ground, and “shrimping”. Also covered were various escapes and transitions into and out of guard positioning, making thorough use of arm-bars and locks; before ending off with “seat-belt” choke applications and submissions.

The second was a karate seminar at Seito Bugei Juku, delving into the details of Goju Ryu. We went over the mechanics of fundamental technique variations, including open handed/closed handed blocking and striking; reinforcing basics while referencing their foundations in Kata. I was intrigued getting to see some of the expansive ways Seiyunchin, Sanchin and the Gekisai Dai Kata can be adapted! Our Kata performances received examination as well, with Sensei Bilodeau providing very helpful feedback on the nuances of our form and technique needed for grading. An engaging and informative day indeed! Thank you Sensei!

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