Sensei Rant- 15 Feb 2015

I love when students bow and tell their teachers how great they are!

And yet they will not pay their PSO dues on time! These dues usually cover the insurances that protect Sensei and Dojo/Club from Civil suits! They also provide statistical numbers which give individual clubs more political clout when decisions are being made by the PSO!

What are the excuses, you ask? ‘I went out drinking last night!’ ‘I forgot!” etc..

Remember actions speak louder then words!! And as your rank increases the more responsibility you have to the Dojo and Sensei!! Make the administration of the Dojo easier and it is less likely your club will close!! Remember Sensei love to teach but hate administration and dealing with money!

P.S. this is about another Dojo but I hope it does not become a problem at the Juku!

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