13 Dec 2014 – Shinza Results and Final Karate Classes of the Session.

Busy day today!!

Grading in the morning :
2 new Yellow Belt w one stripe
3 New Orange
6 New Green
3 New light Blue
1 New Blue
No failures!!

Thank you Trevor McLaughlin Sensei and Shawn Fisk CI Instructor Hook Up for grading my Students!! Thank Trevor for running the Board. Thank you Morgan Carl for helping with the grading!

A big thank you to Shawn for helping with the grading and with letting us use your excellent Space!

In the afternoon, final Karate Classes for this Session!! Awesome beginner class!! Thank you Hayden Henderson and Breanna for your help!!

The last Class of the day was awesome with an excellent turnout!
Thank you Morgan, Hayden, Kai, Adam, and Jacob for coming out and training hard! Great way to end the Session!!

Happy Holidays!!

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