Day one of the Weekend of 01 – 02 Nov 2014 – Koryu Seminar

Great Day today! Busy!!

This Morning went to 2014 Kenshokan Koryu Seminar – Peterborough, hosted by Jim-Wilson Kenshokan! Ohmi Sensei led the morning with a critical and detail breakdown of Omori Ryu of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. It was amazing, Sensei related historical details with his own historical experience to explain Omori Ryu’s 10 Kata. Great session! Thank you Ohmi Sensei. Big thank you, Jim for organizing this great event!

Next on a different note. went to the Y and taught 9 beginner kids for an hour!! Whoa that wore me out! Finally swinging the energy pendulum the other way, finished the day teaching 4 teenagers! That was a great class, everyone gave it all and trained hard!!

Weekend is not over, tomorrow more Koryu!!

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