Aki Gasshuku!! 24-26 Oct 2014

Great weekend! Sylvain Rock CI Koisih Dojo came to Peterborough with all his experience and left us wondering when he will be back!!

What a great three days!! First on Friday was a session on Kyokushinkai heading kicking that started off with a great warmup using stretching protocols to open up the hips so one can do high kicks! Emphasis was made about maintaining close distance and straight backs!! Using a number of kicks including mawashi geri, crescent kicks and Kaiten ushiro geri, Sylvain was able to explain and give excellent demonstrations! Three clubs showed up with Shawn Fisk, CI, Hook Up Muay Thai hosting Friday! Brodie Hicks CI of the Wado Ryu Club and a number of my students as well!!

Saturday afternoon my students and students of Brodie Hicks enjoyed a great afternoon of explanations on the use of hips in relationship of techniques like gyaku zuki!! Breakable boards were used to clarify explanations!! Fun was had by all and everyone left with tools to help improve their techniques!!

Big thank you Rock Sensei for the great weekend of training!! Thank you Shawn Fisk Kru and Brodie Hicks Sensei for the great support!!

Looking forward to next Fall for another great  Aki Gasshuku!!

24 Oct 2014 Group Photo Aki Gasshuku Group Photo 25 Oct 2014 Aki Gasshuku

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