Mudansha Grading Report 21 June 2014

Yesterday was a successful day for the Juku!!

Genaro Liriano, CI Naha Dojo TO, headed the grading board with Shawn Fisk CI Hook Up Muay Thai Peterborough, and Rob O’Brien, my student. From 1130 to 530pm, three separate gradings took place and all were successful for all the candidates.


Yellow (9th Kyu) – Santiago, Isabella, Raegan, Jackson, Madaelaine, Brian. Kyle, George, Roberto

Orange (8th Kyu) – Sujoy, Devin, Vlad

Green (7th Kyu) -Ashley, Nora, Adeline, Christian

Blue (6th Kyu) -Samuel, Adam, Raniel

Purple (5th Kyu) – Julia, Enzo

Purple 1 Stripe (4th Kyu) – Rachel, Breanna, Eric

TTL: 24 kids

13 plus:

Orange (8th Kyu) -Oleg Student of Naha Dojo

Purple 1 Stripe (4th Kyu) – Morgan, Hayden

TTL 3 teenagers/Adults

Congratulations to all!!

i would like to thank Genaro for heading the Board; Shawn and Rob for supporting the Grading!! I would like to thank Shawn as well for the use of his space and early in the month running the Pre-Grading which helped to make yesterday’s grading a complete success!!

Finally I would like to thank the parents of the candidates for their patience and their support!


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