29 March Grading Report

Yesterday, the Juku had a great day! 24 students graded! Months of preparation paid off for these Students. Excellent, all passed!!

09 Yellow/White
04 Yellow
06 Orange
04 Green
01 Purple
Congratulations to all!!

I would like to thank Genaro Liriano, Yondan IOGKF/Godan Shintaiki-Ji for the excellent job of running the grading! I would like to thank Shawn Fisk, CI Hook Up Muay Thai Peterborough for the use of his space and help with the grading!

A special thank you, goes out to Morgan, Hayden and Toby for their part in supporting Kai in his grading!!

Finally I would like to tell the parents how much I appreciate their patience and thank them for their support of the Juku

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