Chambly, QC Annual Gasshuku 2014 – Gasshuku Report


Group photo Koishi Dojo Annual Event

This year Koishi Dojo brought together a real great pool of talent to teach at this year’s annual event!  Genaro Liriano, CI Naha Dojo TO; Jacques Dupont, CI Seibukai Canada and CI Jacques Dupont Karate Centers(JDKC), Laval, QC, and Mike Chinadi, CI Seito Bugei Juku, Peterborough, ON.  The event was held over two days Saturday and Sunday of the weekend 14-16 March.

On Friday, Genaro and I arrived by train and were met by our host and great friend Sylvain Rock, CI Koishi Dojo, and his student Ray Jewer.  It was a great moment to meet old friends again and reminisce about times together training and the years that have gone by.  We stopped in the afternoon at another students place, Mark and had a few Kampai and a special moment together.  We talked about the year gone by with Mark.

The next stop was at Chez Manon, were Jacques, Stephane, Manon, Ray, Sylvain, Genaro and myself sat down to the most amazing meal and awesome Chambly/Quebecois beers!! The evening was spent Kampaining and enjoying the warm hospitality of which Koishi Students are renowned for!  Merci pour the great dinner, Manon!

Saturday started with children’s class with Genaro teaching the children’s class which main theme was ‘intention’.  Thru pad-work and great drills, Genaro brought the point home.  At the end of class, the children were all sweated up and smiling. It had been a while since Genaro had taught a kids class but it was sure hard to tell, what a great class!

I was up next and taught Kakie and Kansetsu waza.  I used an arm bar and a variation of Shiho nage to demonstration joint displacing techniques.  I really appreciated the interest and enthusiasm of all as it was an open class with members from students of JDKC and Koishi. 

We broke for Lunch.  Coming back Jacques Dupont of JDKC taught.  Jacques is a great teacher and outstanding practitioner.  Thru good explanation, and amazing demonstration, he taught Kyokushin Karate principles of Kumite.  He made everyone sweat and I am sure everyone enjoyed the training as there was lots of smiles and many handshakes of thanks!!

Genaro taught last on Saturday.  He taught Irikumi and Kata with Bunkai.  With the use of Thai pads taught and demonstrated Irikumi.  He is a remarkable practitioner and teacher of Okinawa Goju Ryu, his explanation on the concepts of Goju Ryu Irikumi were clear and sharp.  He finally taught Saifa and its Shite Bunkai to a very receptive audience. For the Koishi students this was an opportunity to hear and see another teachers perspective but as well for the JDKC students an equal opportunity to see in-depth Okinawa Goju Ryu Kata. This session ended the day and what a great day it was!

Supper Saturday Dinner was at St Hubert Restaurant there were lots of Kampai and great food and great company!!

On Sunday, Genaro went through Kata Seipai and Seiyunchin in great depth.  Between the two of us, we gave our thoughts on these two Kata and did corrections.  With great emphasis placed on the concepts taught, he and I gave the students some food for thought on their own Kata practise!

On the train trip home, I had many moments of how great this weekend had been; new friends made; renewed acquaintances and friendships!  That is how a Gasshuku weekend should be.

I would like thank Jacques Dupont and his Students of Jacques Dupont Karate Centers for their warm reception of my part in the Gasshuku.  It was great to meet you and hope to train and teach with you in the future!

At this point, I would like to thank all the students of Koishi Dojo for the great weekend!  I would like especially to thank Jacques, Manon, Ray, Stepane, and Patrick for making the weekend happen!

Finally, I would like to thank my great and true friends Sylvain Rock and Genaro Liriano!  Genaro is and has been there for me.  It is always a pleasure to be on the same Dojo floor with him whether training or teaching!

Sylvain Rock is a great host, a great practitioner of Martial Arts especially Okinawa Goju Ryu, and a great friend!  I would like to end this report with a sincere thank you to you and wishing great success for the up coming year!!

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