This page will be for those students 3rd Kyu and Yudansha. The information contained will help those looking to be promoted to Dan Rank (Black Belts).

Dates for Yudansha Keiko!

Sundays: Check upcoming dates!!

Sankyu and above expectations

  • 13+Class going for Sankyu and above you must be in Class a minimum of 4 hours a week
  • Attending special classes at least once a month ( minimum 8 per year)
  • Complete one Book Report per kyu grade
  • One Shiai per year
  • Sankyu and above are expected to help in children classes at least twice a month
    • this benefits the Juku and it’s students
    • it shows your true attitude or lack of…
    • this helps reinforce your training as well
    • the voluntary help also can be used for school and resumes
  • Shodan and above is about a life style and commitment to training.
  • Shodan and above you must complete a Fitness Course, National Coaching, and/or completed related Post secondary course related to Martial Arts Training each year if you wish to Grade.
  • But with a balance of :
    • Family
    • School/Work
    • Health
    • Juku
    • Social/other sports/activities
  • Minimal effort will not be rewarded!!!!

About Shinsa for Sankyu and Above:

•Shinsa is a personal matter and aimed at giving you an indication of your own progress.
• Every individual has his/her own personal reasons for practicing karate – your own ‘Why’ – all of us are differently talented, of unequal ability.
• Gradings are important in the sense that you are placed in a ‘stress’ situation, away from your comfort zone, maybe similar to an assault or confrontation in a civilian environment.
• It is aimed at helping you break through personal ‘barriers’ that will ensure your future progress, maturity and development.
• It is you against yourself – never try to ‘compete’ with fellow karate ka.
• Do not attempt grading when you have not prepared for it – it is counterproductive for your own esteem and motivation.
• Achievements (medals/trophies) in Tournaments have no bearing on grading assessment. Participation/challenge/preparation for Shinsa in tournaments is what is important!

Realities for Sankyu and above:
•A person who trains more than the minimum two sessions per week, puts more effort into every session, self-trains regularly, tries endlessly to correct his/her technique, will, at some stage or another, progress faster – it’s your own decision/choice, based on your ‘Why’
• As you grade higher you will also need to set a side time to partner train. Developing friendships in the Dojo is important as it is apart of the ethos of a strong Dojo community! Get to know your fellow Karateka!
• You need to goal set for a grading and feel ready and confident when it comes around, this implies an additional effort from your side in the period before the grading. (This is why we have a Dojo schedule which is posted on the schedule/event page!! No excuses about not knowing) At a certain point in your training class time will not be enough!
• A grading can be failed! You still need to produce on the day. We are moving in a society or culture where failing is impossible and dysfunctional productivity is the norm, unfortunately, not in the Martial Arts, ‘not on my watch!’
• Kyu grades are reversible and can be forfeited in total in the event of none training. In the event of non- or minimal training, whatever reason, a white belt is worn until you reach the required level again.
• Instructors do not ‘push’ a student to attempt a grading!
• You can make excuses or you can make progress!

Book Reports


Click to access Comprehensive_Karate_Michael_Rosenbaum.pdf


Click to access Applied_Karate.pdf


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Seiunchin 2017 Line Drawings Pdf

Shisochin 2017 Line Drawings

Sanseiru 2017 Line Drawings Pdf

7 Seipai 2017 Line Drawings Pdf

8 Kururunfa 2017 Line Drawings Pdf

9 Seisan 2017 Line Drawings Pdf

10 Suparinpei 2017 Line Drawings Pdf

12 Tensho 2017 Line Drawings

Sanchin 2


Neko Undo!!! Paul Enfield Hachi Dan CI GKC Global

Pad holding!

Coming Soon!!!

Nidan Requirements

10,000 Word Essay – Topic to be announced.

Emergency First Aide CPR – Minimum

Agastu Level one Kettlebell Level one

Sandan Requirements


Kettlebell Certification

Other Certifications

Link to find: https://www.coach.ca/


Recently Promoted:

Mike Chinadi, Kancho; Morgan Carl, Nidan

22 Dec 2019 Nidan Promotion

Yudansha Shinsa


Shodan-Ho (12-16yrs): $75.00

Shodan – Godan (17yrs+): $150.00

Current Yudansha

Students received Rank from me – Seito Bugei Juku

Nidan – Okinawa Goju Ryu


Morgan Carl

Shodan – Okinawa Goju Ryu


Morgan Carl

Adeline Murphy

Shodan Ho – Okinawa Goju Ryu

Breanna Pawchuk

From Left to Right: Morgan Carl, Shodan; Adeline Murphy, Shodan; Mike Chinadi, Kancho; Breanna Pawchuk, Shodan

Ho (13 – 16yrs)

Students taken Rank with me

Iaido – CKF


Doug Lytle

Jodo – CKF



Robert Sturgeon