Registration Has started for Youth Classes!!, 19 Sep 2020 – Mike Chinadi. Kancho Seito Bugei Juku

Oneigaishimasu Parents!

I have sent emails out to get your children registered. I have received two responses. Due to COVID there are limited spaces, at this time there are 4 spaces left. The other two taken spaces have not actually registered but have spoken for two of the spots.

At this time more then one family youth member can occupy a spot due to social bubbles. (age and size dependent)

If there is concern about lock down please do not worry. Classes will move to the Zoom app online in the worst case scenario. The Juku has been online since April for the Adults.

When you register your children:

  1. I will email you a COVID Waiver – Insurance requirement
  2. COVID Protocols –
    1. A Must read
    2. it is there to show you what we are doing in regards to COVID
    3. It explain what is expected of your children and yourself
  3. Your child gets an assigned spot 🙂

If you are interested in signing your child up please contact me sooner than later. Please remember space is limited!!!

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