Training at Kawartha Combat with Brodie Hicks Of Shintani Wado Ryu

Last night the 11 March , I was at Kawartha Combat for a session with the Shintani Wado Ryu Dojo in Peterborough. The School is led by Brodie Hicks who started his Karate at 17 years of age. He is a member of the National Competition Team and is competing this year in Scotland.

First half of the class was led by Brodie Sensei who taught various competition kumite drills. His explanations were clear and his demonstration excellent! I trained with Phong who was an orange belt but was very skillful and really patient with me. It was allot of fun and it was great to see good Sanbon Shiai Kumite!

The last half of the class Brodie Sensei asked me to do a little Okinawa Goju. I taught Kakie and Kansetsu waza. Brodie Sensei and his students were quick learners and the half hour went by fast!

I would like to really Thank Brodie Hicks and his Karateka of the Shintani Wado Ryu Dojo for inviting me to come and train with them. My hope is that there will be more opportunities for both of our Dojo to get together and train in the near Future!

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