Welland Annual Iaido Event Gasshuku Report for 01 March 2014

Yesterday was a great day of trg!! The Welland Iaido Club organized an event lead by the CI Muso Shiden Ryu, Stephen Cruise7thDan Renshi. Guest instructors included Goyo Ohmi 7thDan Kyoshi MJR, Kim Taylor 7thDan Renshi MJR, Dave Green 6thDan MJR, and Carole Galligan 6thDan MJR! What a power house of trg!

This event was focused on points of training and highlights for each level of development. Students were grouped no-Kyu-1st kyu; shodan-2ndan; Sandan; and 4thdan-5thdan.Training for each group was focused on their level of understanding and what they should be aiming for!

It was interesting what Ohmi Sensei said in that if a student’s skill is much higher than his rank then as a good teacher, it was his job to maintain that skill and to push the student harder to achieve even higher skill!! But he also pointed out that with students of average skill that the same was true!

I would like to Thank all the teachers from yesterday for all their instruction and patience. I would like to specially thank Ohmi Sensei, Kim Taylor and Carole Galligan for their advice they gave to me! I now have even more points to improve on! Lol!

Finally, a big Thank you to the Welland Martial Arts Centre, Ron Matte CI and your Students for hosting a great Annual event!!

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