10-14 March Break No Karate Classes – There will be Training!!

Please remember that there are no Classes on the 11 and 13 March!

I have already spoken to MacCullun Sensei of Jiyu-Shin Karate School about a visit!

Classes is on Wednesday, 12 March:
Children 1830-1930hrs and Adults are 1930-2100hrs.
I will be going to the Adult for sure. Children’s Class will depend if any Children go. Please let me know in Class!

Remember this is a great opportunity to train.

Jiyu-shin Karate School
11 George Street North
(705) 742-2151

Confirmed with Brodie Hicks of the Wado Ryu Dojo. We are welcome to come on the Tuesday, 11 March Adult 2000-2100hrs. Teenagers are welcome to go.

I am going to collect a small fee from everyone. This is going to help Brodie Hicks Sensei as he is part of his Wado Organization National Team. They are going to compete in Scotland this year and need financial support!!
Loc: Kawartha Combat 910 High street UNIT 15

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