Seiwa Kai Canada Open Shia Report – 16 Feb 2014

Great Open tournament Today! Seiwa Kai Canada did a great job! Juku came home with everyone having a great day.

Thank you to Hayden, Breanna , Julia, and Enzo for going out and competing! They all did an excellent job; great Kata and great Kumite!

Big thank you to Jason and Anne; Melissa; and Matt and Joanna for their support and patience! As parents, they did a great job with driving and making sure their children were ready for today!

I would like to thank,Michael Beardwood ,Vice President, Seiwa Kai Canada for the invitation for the Juku to compete at their Shiai and the great warmth and friendship!

On personal note it was great to catch up with Mike about the good old Army days and Days of the Garrison Karate Club!

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