Toshi Goshi Geiko 2014 Report – 01 Feb 2014

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Training began Saturday afternoon for Adults and Children!!

Sylvain Rock, CI Koishi Dojo, John MacCullum Jiyu-Shin Karate School and Shawn Fisk, CI Hook Up Muay Thai Peterborough gave instruction. Sylvain Rock gave instruction on incorporating the hip into technique. John MacCullum worked on timing and focus. Shawn Fisk did clinch work.

We trained on Sunday, Sylvain Rock CI Koishi Dojo Chambly QC, John MacCullum, CI Jiyu-Shin Karate School and myself taught on Sunday.

John MacCullum taught Newaza applicable to Karate; Sylvain Rock taught Bunkai and Oyo for Seipai. I filled in and taught details of Seipai. It was great way to end the weekend.

I would like to thank John, Shawn and Sylvain for the great support in making this an awesome Toshi Goshi Geiko!!

To the students who came out Saturday and Sunday for Toshi Goshi Geiko – A BIG Thank You. Students came from as far away as Chambly QC, Merci!! Thank you to the Jiyu-Shin Students and to mine!

Thank You to the parents supporting the weekend! Thank you again to Jacques, Manon, Ray, Stephane, Devon, Max, Morgan, Hayden, Julia, and Enzo!!! Great warm ups Devon, Jacques, and Manon!

Looking forward to next year! The plan will be to do all day on Saturday again!

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