Karate Styles: Surprising Links to Shortened Lifespan – Interim Book Report

Getting close to finishing this book. Really a must read for all combative sport practitioners, trainers and teachers.

Some interesting points about social aspects of training it seems proper paired practice promotes longevity. These practices include mutual respect and support. Whereas solo practices such as solo Kata and makiwara not so much. But again depending on social settings, genes, and other factors can have an influence. Before anyone gets their back up read the book. The researchers used the best evidence currently available.

Second point was the use of anti-inflammatory meds, ie ibprophin. Most karate practitioners are suffering an injury of sort all year round and are taking a pain remedy. Such practices may lead to other potential problems.

Really a good read. But an interesting point is that most combative sport practitioners do not get into practice for health and longevity. There are a few high level practitioners from the past who support that point of view.


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