2013 was a good year for the Juku.

There were Gasshuku, Taikai, Pre-Gradings and Gradings which myself or my students participated in.

Three of my Students competed at a Taikai held by Jiyu-Shin Karate School 01 Jun. Doug Lytle, Hayden, and Julia all did well.  This is an Annual Event, which I hope will see many more challenge themselves by.

One of the Juku took his Shodan in Iaido, congratulations Doug Lytle!  This is the First Iaido “Black belt” for the Seito Bugei Juku!

This year was the start of Pre-Gradings for the karate school.  The purpose of which was to raise the awareness of students to the need to ready themselves for taking a grade at a Formal Shinza. A small few were not allowed to go forward to the formal grading. The others that continued gave a better showing of themselves.  Everyone grading for green and above will expect to do one from now on.

The highest graded this year among the karate students were Morgan, Hayden, Breanna, Rachel, and Eric, all taking Gokyu (Purple)!  Great job, I am sure, they are looking forward to this year!

In the Children’s Class, two students stood out for the year by noticeably training hard during class time; adding extra challenges such as Taikai and Gasshuku; doing well at a number of Gradings this year!!

Congratulations, Top Female Student –  Julia and Top Male Student  – Raniel.

On a personal note this year in order to up my training, I started practicing twice a month with John MacCallum’s Jiyu-Shin Karate School and Jim Wilson’s Kenshokan.  I would like to thank them both for their generosity and continued openness.  With Jim Wilson’s help, I was able to achieve an important personal achievement and passed my CKF Grading this year!

There have been many supporters of the Dojo, but I would like to especially thank Rob O’Brien for his continued help with the children’s classes.

My Students and I would like to thank Nakamura T. CI IOGKF World and Kim Taylor, CI Sei Do Kai for their continued support.

Finally, I would like to personally thank my great friends Genaro, Sylvain, and Shawn for all their support and generosity; they have shown to my students and me!

Summary of Events, which members of the Seito Bugei Juku participated in 2013:

12 Jan In-Close Fighting Hosted by Hook Up Muay Thai Peterborough
09 Feb Toshi Goshi Geiko hosted by Seito Bugei Juku
02 Mar Kim Taylor Hosted by Kenshokan
15-16 Mar Chambly QC hosted by Koishi Dojo
23 Mar Pre-grading Juku Event
30 Mar Shinza Juku Event
13 Apr Kim Taylor Spring Gasshuku hosted by Seito Bugei Juku
2-5 May MCF Niagara Falls Hosted by IOGKF Canada
11 May Pre-grading Juku Event
25 May Boot Camp hosted by Chokushin Aikijujutsu and Jitsu Canada
02 Jun Annual Jiyu-Shin Karate School Taikai
08 Jun Annual IOGKF Canada Taikai
22 Jun Grading Juku Event
03 Aug Pre-grading Juku Event
24 Jun Grading Juku Event
14 Sep Mike Sywyk Jundokan Gasshuku Hosted by Simcoe Goju Ryu
21 Sep Marriage of Teresa and Genaro Liriano
4-5 Oct Aki Gasshuku with Sylvain Rock CI Koishi Dojo, Chambly Hosted by Seito Bugei Juku
2-3 Nov Koryu Gasshuku Hosted by Kenshokan
09 Nov Pre-Grading Juku Event
30 Nov Grading Juku Event
05 Dec Last Class of the Year
07 Dec CKF Iaido Shinza Hosted by CKF at the JCCC TO
14 Dec Peterborough Martial Arts Community Annual Xmas Dinner Hosted by Jitsu Canada
21 Dec Annual Kenshokan Potluck and Final Practice Class Hosted by Kenshokan

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