Reults of Iaido Grading at JCCC for Seito Bugei Juku 07 Dec 2013

Mike Chinadi Nidan Passed!
Doug Lytle Shodan Passed!
Big Thank you Jim Wilson of the Kenshokan for all your advice, time and support for helping me and my student Doug Lytle get ready for the grading today!! Congratulations to you and your students for a such a successful day at the JCCC!!

Because it has been so long since I graded. I would like to remember my first Sensei Bill Mears who started me on this path, thank you Bill! I am glad you were a ‘Hard Bastard”.

I would like to finally thank my Sensei Kim Taylor CI Seidokai, Guelph ON for his teaching, friendship, support and above all his great patience!!

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