Secrets need keys – Dec 2, 2013, Kim Taylor, CI Sei Do Kai Guelph ON, Nanadan

So, it’s grading time and folks want to know what they have to do to pass.

Somewhere around my house I think I’ve got a secret Masonic handbook, might have come from Gramps. I’m pretty sure I’ve got an OddFellows manual too, and the old man taught me the secret Masonic handshake once. I also know the secret handshake of the old Kampeitai as passed down through certain lines of martial arts.

Now I’ve been practicing Niten Ichiryu for a little while and I shouldn’t be telling you guys this but when you start practicing they give you a secret code key that lets you decipher all the secret techniques in the scrolls. Without the key the scrolls are just so many words, so much fantasy fodder for kids.

I REALLY shouldn’t be telling you guys this but if you want the code-key that was given to me by my first Niten sensei, here’s what he whispered in my ear one day…………… keiko.

It’s interesting, if you really read the Gorinsho closely you may actually run across the code-key in the text itself.

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