Respect and the title of Sensei – 24 Nov 13, Mike Chinadi

Respect is earned! Respect has to go both ways! Deference is always given to Seniors, Elderly and Saints! But one act can take it away!

Sensei is a title used in the classroom and extends beyond when it is earned. Earning that respect takes time!

Anglo-Saxon tradition is first among equals. In my Dojo, my position exist because I have students who feel I have something to offer. An instructor should never raise themselves far beyond their students!

Friendship among instructors is important as the ‘Traditional’ Martial Arts in these modern times will disappear without it!

When I was a Sergeant in Garrison, I was Sgt Chinadi, In the field, I was Mike. People who train together and would have to fight together (possibly die together) understand this!

It is interesting, supposed Martial Artists, do not understand this! Warriors, ha!

I hope my ramblings are clear and are understandable! I just want to say thank you as well to all my MA friends!

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