Post Koryu Weekend 02 – 03 Nov 2013

That was a great day yesterday.  Training was awesome with Goyo Ohmi (Nanadan), Kim Taylor (Nanadan), Dave Green (RokkuDan), and Carol Galligan (RokkuDan).

In my group, Galligan Sensei taught all the sessions.  We went through the beginner set for Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, Omori Ryu.  Than followed by Eishin Ryu, Tatehiza no Bu in the afternoon.  It was a great review of Omori Ryu as interpreted by Galligan Sensei.

I have seen Tatehiza no Bu but have never studied it; yesterday was a great opportunity to study it with such good teacher as Galligan Sensei.  She created a lot of homework for me personally, excellent!

I would like to thank Jim Wilson and his Students of the Kenshokan for hosting a great weekend, and an unequalled opportunity to train with the leading authorities on Iaido in Canada.

There will Photos uploaded in the near future!

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