Why we need to preserve Kata Part 3

Why we need to preserve Kata Part 3

BujutsuThe ancient masters knew that solo practice was necessary for bujutsu practice so they created kata. Interestingly they did not invent the kumite nor the kihon syllabus. In fact, both of them were invented and added to karate training in early 20th century. The ancient Okinawan masters practiced only kata and bunkai (applications). Why? The key to this question lies in the way they practiced (one to one teaching) compared to the modern day training (many students of various skill levels). It is an interesting subject and I will touch this again briefly later in this chapter.

I need to bring up an important concept as I explain kata. In the learning process there are two kinds of learning that are necessary particularly for the martial artists. As far as I know this concept has never been…

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