Canada Day Embu, 01 July 2013

To everyone, this was a great day for the Dojo and the students of the Seito Bugei Juku!! Everyone did an awesome Embu!! Reishiki was excellent and skills were properly demonstrated. With the same numbers and hopefully more we will have an even better Embu next year Canada Day. Please mark this in your Electronic devices for next year!
Thank you Robert O’Brien, Gerry Taillon, Doug Lytle, Melody Wilson-O’Brien, Kyle O’Brien, Lizzy O’Brien, Melissa DeClark, Hayden, Kai, Breanna, Rachel, Julia, Christian and Clyde for coming and doing such a great job of supporting the Dojo Embu on Canada Day!!
Thank you to the parents who supported today by bring their children out so they could participate!! Big Thank you Rob, Melody, Melissa, Anne, Ginnette and Mr Wu!!
Finally, I would like to thank Yvonne Lai, Outreach Coordinator New Canadians Centre Peterborough & Peterborough Partnership Council on Immigrant Integration (PPCII), for inviting our Dojo to Embu at The Canada Day Celebrations.

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