Nutrition Plans

Eating well is part of living well.  Do not follow fad diets.  Balance eating is equally important to life and maintaining a healthy life style. It is simple! Read the Canada Food guide and use it as your blue print.  Adjust for allergies and foods on the guide that do not agree with you. Simple!

Do not punish yourself mentally for eating heavily fatted, overly salted or overly sugared foods!  Simply eat them infrequently or rarely.  Enjoy them, as they once were, a rare and infrequent treat.  Remember even fruits, we enjoy now were considered a foreign delicacy and were rare as well.

KISS, Keep it Short and Simple, should be considered as the more process the food, the more problems created.  If it comes in can; microwavable package; dehydrated form; etc…, the more likely it will contain salts, fats, and sugars that are at high levels that are not good for you.  Prepare your own foods and packaging them yourself.

When it comes to supplements (creatine, protein supplements), most of you are not training hard enough to make it worth your while, fix your nutrition plan and eat better. You will save money in the process.

This Blog is for the average recreational practitioner in any physical activity or Martial Sport.

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