Haru Gasshuku, Kim Taylor Nana Dan CKF – Iaido and Jodo – Reminder

Saturday 13 Apr 2013

Iaido 0930hrs – 1200hrs

Lunch 1200hrs -1300hrs

Jodo 1300hrs- 1530hrs

Olde Stone 1700 hrs approx. for Kampai. Please let me know your going so reservations can be booked by the 12 Apr!

Cost $35.00/Session (at door)
$50.00 for both (at door)
Instructors bringing 5 or more Students – Free

Early bird $25.00/session
$40.00 Both
To get the early bird – Friday 5 April
please contact me for Early Bird – 705 868 5754


St Paul’s Presbytarian Church, Corner of Murray St. and Water St., Peterborough ON

This event is open to other Martial Arts Schools please contact me if you are coming.

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