30 March Grading – Thank you to all who supported the Dojo!!

I wish to thank Genaro Liriano, Yondan CI Naha Dojo, Shinpan Seito Bugei Juku for his time, thoughtful comments and the running of the grading!! My students received many helpful comments and were able to see their limitations!! As my friend, he is always there to support me!!

I would like to thank Robert O’Brien and Ann Darling for helping with organizing the Grading and looking after logistics!

As always, Melody Wilson-O’Brien was there with her camera and making sure the O’Brien Clan was there. I would like to thank her for her time and her great job with getting photos for the Dojo and Parents!

I would like to thank Shawn Fisk CI and owner of Hook Up Muay Thai Peterborough for his assistance and great comments about those grading. He was especially gracious in letting my school use his great facilities on High Street! I would like to add that his student Jackson was extremely skillful and gave my student Rob a great experience!!

To the parents of the students who graded thank you for your support!! To all my parents thank you for the great Winter Session!!

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