The Eight Laws of the Fist

1. Jinshin wa tenchi ni onaji.
The mind is one with heaven and earth.
2. Ketsumyaku wa nichigetsu ni nitari.
The circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to that of the sun and the moon.
3. Ho wa goju no donto su.
The way of inhaling and exhaling is hard and soft.
4. Mi wa toki ni shitagai hen ni ozu.
Act in accordance with time and change.
5. Te wa ku ni ai sunawachi hairu.
Techniques occur in the absence of conscious thought.
6. Shintai wa hakarite riho su.
Distancing and posture dictates the outcome of the meeting
7. Me wa shiho wo miru wa yosu.
The eyes must watch all four directions. See what is unseeable.
8. Mimi wa yoku happo wo kiku.
The ears listen in all eight directions. Expect what is unexpected.

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